2012 Symposium

The sold-out event in August of 2012 represented the second year of the Dallas Symposium.

Hosted at the SMU Cox School of Business, mineral collectors from around the world join the symposium to learn from internationally-recognized experts in geology and mineral collecting adventure enthusiasts.

Our 2012 speakers included:

Science for the Collector: Gem-Forming Pegmatites: How Nature Makes Big, Clear Crystals
Dr. David London

Dangerous Beauty: Minerals of the Hindu Kush
Opening Afghanistan and Pakistan for Mineral Specimens
Herb Obodda

Burma’s Ancient Valley of Gems and Rubies
Travels to the Source in Mogok
William Larson

Mineral Cleaning and Preparation Technology
John Voelter

Science for the Collector: Formation of Open Pockets of
Collectible Crystals in Metallic Deposits (Tsumeb, Dal’negorsk, Bisbee)
Dr. Peter Megaw

Exploring the Mines of Dal’Negorsk, Siberia
Rock Currier

Bisbee, Arizona: Queen of Arizona’s Copper Camps, King of Arizona’s Mineral Localities
Les Presmyk

We would like to thank all of our sponsors and hosts from the 2012 Dallas Symposium:

MAD (Mineral Society of Dallas)
Southern Methodist University Department of Geology
Heritage Auctions
University of Texas Dallas
Dr. Gene Meieran
The Arkenstone and Dr. Robert Lavinsky