2020 Dallas Mineral Collecting Symposium Schedule

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Thanks for joining us for our first reimagined online webinar series, featuring Greatest Hits talks from our decade of archives!


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Friday, August 21

Join Rob Lavinsky for an informal live chat and tour around The Arkenstone Gallery

Saturday, August 22

Analytical Techniques on Earth and Mars

Dr. Bob Downs (2013)

Exploring the Mines of Dal’Negorsk, Siberia

Rock Currier (2012)

Blistered Fingers: Field Collecting in the Western USA

John Cornish (2016)

The Tsavorite Story

Bruce Bridges (2017)

Formation of Open Pockets of Collectible Crystals in Metallic Deposits

Dr. Peter Megaw (2012)


Sunday, August 23

Live Tour at the Spanns

Gem-Forming Pegmatites: How Nature Makes Big, Clear Crystals

Dr. David London (2012)

Little Wonders: Connoisseur Thumbnails in the Contemporary Collector Market

Jim Houran (2014)

Tsumeb: A Mineralogical Paradise

Dr. Rob Bowell (2015)

Dangerous Beauty: Minerals of the Hindu Kush
Opening Afghanistan and Pakistan for Mineral Specimens

Herb Obodda (2012)

Around the World in 80 Years
Bob Jones (2018)