2014 Presenter Dr. David Mustart

2014 Dallas Mineral Collecting Symposium Presenter Dr. David Mustart

Presenting “Origin of Precious Metal Deposits – Mines that Produce World-Class Collectible Specimens”

David A. Mustart, Professor of Geology at San Francisco State University, received his B.Sc. in Geology at University of British Columbia (1965) and his Ph.D. in Experimental Petrology on the origin of pegmatites, with Richard H. Jahns at Stanford (1972). Dr. Mustart worked in precious metal mining districts in the Yukon and Northwest Territories, and for the past 42 years has taught courses in geochemistry, mineralogy and ore deposits at San Francisco State. His research is focused on hydrothermal processes of mineral deposition, and he was the first to identify and characterize hydrothermal pipes associated with pegmatites in epizonal silicic plutons. To date, he has documented over 700 pipes in the U.S., Canada and South Africa.

David set his sights on geology at age 6, when he recognized his passion for collecting minerals in British Columbia. He has developed his current teaching and research collection by concentrating on mineral associations from major ore deposits, both through leading trips to active mines in the Western U.S. and by acquiring specimens from sites world-wide.