2019 Speaker Jeffrey Scovil

Jeff Scovil

Mineral photographer Jeffrey Scovil studied geology in undergraduate school before switching focuses to anthropology/archeology. His did further graduate work in the Southwest in archeology and museum work at Arizona State University, and later worked as a laboratory photographer at Salmon Ruin in New Mexico, which led to the founding of Scovil Photography in 1990, specializing in earth science materials. He has photographed, lectured and published specimens around the world, and in 2007 he won the Carnegie Mineralogical Award. He is an Associate Photographer for Rocks and Minerals, The Mineralogical Record, Lapis, and Le Regne Mineral, as well as an author of Photographing Minerals, Fossils and Lapidary Materials, (Geoscience Press, 1996) the only book published on the subject. He has written numerous articles on photography, mineral localities as well as show reports, and he is a regular presenter at the Rochester Mineral Symposium.

 Travels in Brazil

In 2007, Scovil made a trip to Brazil to photograph for Julio Landmann, a major collector in that country. After four days of photography, he flew to Belo Horizonte where he met Luis Menezes. They traveled together for the next four days visiting several pegmatite localities in Minas Gerais. They spent significant time underground in many of the mines and bought minerals from the miners and owners. Mines visited included the Jaguaracu, Pederneira, Navegador, Corrego Frio, Telirio, and Urucum. Scovil’s presentation will include photos of the mines, the region in which they are found as well as studio photos of the minerals from the mines visited.

Tourmaline – Photo by Jeff Scovil