2021 Speaker – Dave Varabioff


Dave shares his experience of co-purchasing the Colorado Quartz Gold mine in Mariposa, California with Tony Fraser, showing ‘a day in the life’ of a gold mine – exploring a new zone and showing the various processes used to locate, extract, and clean gold specimens from the mine with Dave narrating the experience.

When he was just 11 years old, Dave’s father took him gold panning, discovering five little match head sized nuggets in his very first pan. He has been a ‘gold nut’ ever since! In 2016, Dave parnered with gold dealer Tony Fraser and purchased the Colorado Quartz Gold mine in Mariposa, California, where Dave relocated to work full-time. This mine has been active since 1870, producing “The Dragon” – on display in the Houston Museum of Natural Science – in 1998. There are also specimens from this mine in the Los Angeles county museum and the Mariposa Museum.