2024 Presenter Bruce Bridges

Profile photo of Bruce Bridges examining a gem.

Bruce Bridges

Bruce Bridges is the son of Campbell Bridges, the discoverer of Tsavorite and man to bring the first Tanzanite for identification to the United States. Campbell Bridges was also Tiffany & Co.’s official consultant geologist on Tanzanite. Bruce has been intimately involved in the gem industry since childhood, working side-by-side with his father. He has completed extensive fieldwork in the Taita/Taveta region of Southern Kenya. As the President of Bridges Tsavorite, Bruce carries on the family tradition of three generations as gemstone miners and dealers in Africa. The family business is headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya with two wholesale distribution offices in the United States. The company is proud to maintain its fully integrated operation, which includes every aspect from; mining, sorting, grading and cutting, to marketing and sales.

Glowing green tsavorite. Photo courtesy of Bridges.