2024 Presenter Raul Sanabria

Raul Sanabria collecting mineral specimens in a Spanish mine.    A photo taken by Raul Sanabria illustrating the host rock that he would collect minerals from.

Mineral Collecting in Spain
Raul Sanabria

The golden years of mineral collecting, between the 1990s and early 2000s is when it was possible to access the biggest number of mines and collecting sites. Many discoveries were made during those years, when it was still possible to access Aliva, Almaden, Berbes, Fuentes de Ebro, Pulpi, San Andres amongst other not so well known.
Raul will be talking about those places illustrating with images of those amazing discoveries, some of the difficulties getting those treasures, and providing some historical references to the most iconic pieces found.

Raul Sanabria standing outside of a mine in Spain, wearing a hard hat, protective gear, and standing next to a mining cart.

Raul is a geologist by training and he was a mineral collector for the past 25 years. He started his passion with minerals self-collecting in his home country Spain, and assembled a fine mineral collection of Spanish Minerals, including the sough after old timers, silver sulfosalts from Hiendelaencina, pyromorphites from El Horcajo, Sphalerites from Aliva, Cinnabar from Almaden, etc. As a young geologist, we worked in the fluorite mines of Asturias, where his contacts with collectors, miners and access to pockets allowed him to assemble one of the finest collection of Spanish Fluorites from that region.

His commitment to promoting mineral collecting is translated in several publications in mineral magazines such as Revista de Minerales, Mineral Up, Le Regne Mineral and most recently in The Mineralogical Record.

Profile photo of Raul Sanabria in a hard hat.