Friends and Affiliates of the Dallas Symposium

We’re lucky to count ourselves among many helpful friends, supporters, sponsors, and affiliates. Take a moment to visit them.

The Arkenstone, – The symposium originated at The Arkenstone’s gallery opening in 2010 as an impromptu mini-lecture series. Since then, the symposium has been an annual event coordinated mostly by The Arkenstone.

Heritage Auctions – A sponsor of the Dallas Mineral Collecting Symposium, Heritage Auctions began auctioning fine minerals in June 2013 with the first Signature Auction premiering the Hoppel Collection. The Symposium is possible due in part to their generous support.

The Perot Museum of Nature and Science – With one of the greatest displays of fine minerals in the world, the Lyda Hill Gems and Minerals Hall at the Perot Museum in Dallas has been an asset to the city and the hobby by encouraging a greater appreciation for this natural art.

Southern Methodist University – The Crum Auditorium in the Collins Center at SMU has been the most recent home to our lecture series on Saturday with the support and assistance of the Roy M. Huffington Department of Earth Sciences.

Mineralogical Association of Dallas – MAD is an association of key collectors located in and around Dallas, Texas. The members’ support of the hobby and encouragement of new collectors has been significant in promoting the mineral collecting culture in Dallas.

BlueCap Productions – The official videographer of the Dallas Mineral Collecting Symposium has been recording and producing DVDs of the lecture series since it began. You can purchase a DVD at their website or pay to stream lectures of the 2013 Symposium digitally on Vimeo.

Mineral Explorers – Produced for PBS, this exciting reality series involves digging, dynamite, and danger! The Dallas Mineral Collecting Symposium is happy to support Mineral Explorers as they promote minerals to a broader audience.

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